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Do You Know How to Shoot a Moving Target? [VIDEO]

shoot a moving target

Want to shoot a moving target? First learn the fundamentals and then practice, practice, practice.

If you think you have what it takes to shoot a moving target, it’s time to learn the techniques and then head out to the range and practice.

This awesome video by Firearm Science shows us three different methods used by professional shooters to maintain clean accurate shots while shooting a moving target.


In case you missed it in the video the three basic methods you can use to shoot a moving target are:

Tracking Method – Lead the target and smoothly pull the trigger. Remember that the lead distance will vary depending on target speed.

Ambush Method – Firing at a fixed point when the target arrives at that point.

Swing Through Method – Start at the rear edge of the moving target and move the muzzle forward as you fire.

To be able to successfully shoot a moving target, you need to have good shooting fundamentals that you have practiced while shooting stationary targets. Make sure you have a firm grip, a balanced stance, and a steady point of aim. If you find you can’t do this while shooting a moving target, move back to stationary and focus on these before trying to shoot a moving target again.

Which method you choose is up to you. Everyone has their favorites, and one is likely to work better for you than the other two.

Try them all; it may take a few trips to the range before you decide which one you like best. If you stick with it you will be able to shoot a moving target like a pro in no time.


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Do You Know How to Shoot a Moving Target? [VIDEO]