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You Should Know the Power Behind the Chiappa Alaskan Takedown

Concealable and compact. The Chiappa Alaskan Takedown is a packable powerhouse.

Lever actions elevated the carbine into mainstream America, as it was being discovered. This Alaskan has a quick list of features.

This rifle has a 16-inch barrel and is also offered in the 20-inch barrel configuration. The rifle features a rubber-coated forearm and butt stock. The finish is bead blasted and reduces glare. The sights featured is a skinnier peep sight with a bright fiber optic front sight.

The 16-inch configuration will hold eight+1 rounds, and the 20-inch will carry 10+1. That is plenty of ammo in a lever gun and both rifles weigh less than seven pounds. The lever loop is larger to allow for use with gloves. The barrel is octagonal and allows you to add a picatinny rail system to add optics.

Lever actions are very useful as they deliver more foot pounds of energy compared to their pistol counterparts. The rifle chambered in .357 magnum is delivering about 1300 foot-pounds of energy. Considering that this is coming from a pistol cartridge, this makes training a lot more affordable.

When you start getting into cartridges with hotter burning powder, the added barrel length will support the extra energy and transfer it with better knock down power. Below is a graph to show the ballistics of the .357 Magnum in a rifle barrel.


The rifle is loaded on the side of the main receiver. The rifle's main feature is the built-in a take-down configuration for easy transportation and cleaning. Transporting your firearm can be very tricky in today's society. Some states have difficult rifle regulations and therefore you need to be wise as to how you carry your firearms in public. Take down rifle configurations allow you to move the rifle in plain sight while stowed in a bag.

There are a lot of modern upgrades that you can add to a lever action to give you the added features you might look for in a modern military style weapon. Picatinny rails can be added for smaller red dot sights. Red dots are both lightweight and very easy to use. Military rifles are clearly the standard in both home protection and recreational shooting today. Lever action rifles were the original sporting, home defense, and military rifle which are still very relevant today.


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You Should Know the Power Behind the Chiappa Alaskan Takedown