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Do You Know These Natural Cures for Chigger Bites?

There are several natural cures for chigger bites.

In all of the years I have spent exploring the outdoors, fortunately I have only contracted an infestation of chiggers on a couple of occasions. In each case, I was so miserable that I clearly recall each incidence!

Not only did I look like I had the mumps due to the large, round, red, welts on my body, they itched as bad or worse than a case of poison ivy!

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Fortunately for us humans, Mother Nature has also provided us with natural cures for these pesky little mite's bite.

Let me start by dispelling a few common myths about chiggers. For instance, on the rare occasions that we actually see chiggers, they appear to be tiny, red, furry insects. However, these are the adults of the species, and it is actually their larvae (which we don't see) that feed on the skin cells of both animals and humans.

In order to accomplish this, the larva attach themselves to the skin and insert their proboscis into a hair follicle or a skin pore, where they then exude an enzyme that dissolves the skin cells in the immediate area. This causes the surrounding skin cells to harden, thus forming a type of straw through which the liquefied skin cells are vacuumed up.

Then, after about four days, the larvae drop off but, contrary to popular belief, they do not, at any time, burrow beneath the skin.

The best way to remove a chigger infestation is to bath in cold water while scrubbing the skin to remove the mite larvae. Then, once your skin is clear of the mite larva, you can begin the process of treating the irritation caused by the bites.

To do this, you can choose from several natural remedies: soaking in epsom salt; using an oatmeal poultice; applying a baking soda paste; applying a meat tenderizer and white vinegar paste; or applying a mixture of vegetable oil and an anti-itch oil such as Neem Oil, Castor Oil, Lavender Oil, Thyme Oil, Tea Tree Oil, or Tamanu Oil to the bites

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In addition, taking a natural antihistamine such as jewelweed, cardamon, or basil to reduce the inflammation will also help.

Regardless of which remedy you choose, the most important factor is to realize that you are not treating an insect that has burrowed beneath your skin. Instead, you're treating the irritation caused by the enzyme the insect exudes. Thus, topical anti-itch remedies work best.

So the next time you suffer from chigger bites while enjoying the outdoors, give one of these natural cures a try.

Last, as always, please feel free to post your suggestions and comments about this article below. 

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Do You Know These Natural Cures for Chigger Bites?