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Did You Know That Minks Will Attack Seagulls? [VIDEO]

If minks are going to do this in the water, then I'm not going swimming anymore.

Are all the hares and squirrels gone? Well, this mink seems to think so.

Watch in amazement while these lucky folks shoot the video of a lifetime...

From a boat, for cryin' out loud!


Minks are listed as semi-aquatic, carnivorous mammals of the Mustelidae family.

How about we just change that to voracious, insidious, seagull-munchers? I mean, that bad boy just wouldn't give up.

Ultimately we have to guess as to whether or not that mink let the seagull go. The gull was obviously sick or injured and wasn't going anywhere.

Let me know when it's safe to go back in the water.



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Did You Know That Minks Will Attack Seagulls? [VIDEO]