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Know Your Limits When Taking Long Distance Shots on Game [VIDEO]


Take game responsibly and ethically by knowing your bullet's max effective range when taking long distance shots. 

Gunwerks knows all about hunting game at long distances. Every firearm and piece of ammunition they design is built for doing just that. They perform numerous tests to on everything they create to make sure their specs are right on the money for a humane kill every time.

Their sales manager, Mike Davidson, took the time to make this video to remind hunters of their responsibility beyond that point to know their equipment and what it is capable of.

There are numerous stories and videos of hunters taking game with extremely long distance shots. The question is were they ethical shots with a bullet with enough velocity to kill the animal at that distance, or were they over extending their bullets max kill range?

I completely agree with everything in this video. It is our responsibility to choose the correct equipment to humanely kill whatever game we are after.

This applies not only to the cartridge you use, but the firearm you choose as well. Just because you can kill something with a .22 rifle doesn't mean that is the best choice for the job.

You must do research into whatever you are planning to hunt and make sure you take every possible measure to ensure that you pick the best items for the job.

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Know Your Limits When Taking Long Distance Shots on Game [VIDEO]