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Do You Know How Fast and Far a Bullet Can Go? [VIDEO]

While shooting a firearm for sport or hunting, do you really know how fast or far that bullet is capable of traveling?

One of the first and most important lessons everyone learns as part of firearms safety is always knowing what is behind you, what you are shooting at, and not firing weapons into the air.

The reason for these guidelines seems pretty self-explanatory, but do you really know how far your weapon is capable of firing a bullet with nothing to stop it?

In this video, James May from the YouTube channel “BritLab,” breaks down the math of what determines how far and fast various caliber bullets are capable of firing. This is really good information for anyone who uses firearms and for those who also double as science buffs, like myself.

All the thought that goes into designing a firearm just amazes me. There is much more math and physics involved than most people realize, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This also goes to show you the importance of reminding yourself at all times to make sure your target is capable of stopping a specific round and that you know for sure what is on the other side of your target, in case you miss.

I know the odds are slim to none that something like a tree wouldn’t stop a bullet before it hit a person a great distance away, but there have been numerous accidental deaths from a firearm that was discharged a mile or more away.

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Do You Know How Fast and Far a Bullet Can Go? [VIDEO]