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Did You Know Elk Can Bark? [VIDEO]


Here’s one of the rarer elk vocalizations you’ll ever hear caught on video!

It turns out your dog isn’t the only animal that barks. This video from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation demonstrates one of the rarer elk sounds you’ll hear.

Have you ever had an elk bark at you?

I did a little research online, and it seems most agree that this is warning sound, much like a whitetail snort, if you invade an elk’s personal space. Others seem to think it may be a social greeting in some instances.

While I’m not an elk hunter, I have spent a great deal of time watching and photographing elk in and around Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the more guttural version of it, but at one point in the video there’s a squeakier-sounding bark that I know I’ve heard before.

I don’t think I realized it was the elk that made the sound before I saw this though. It just goes to show how animals can surprise you!

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Did You Know Elk Can Bark? [VIDEO]