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Did You Know the Conger Eel Loves Jazz Music?

conger eel

This video should be all the proof you need to believe that jazz music is the favorite of the conger eel.

Apparently, eels love jazz music. Well, maybe not every eel, but the conger eel in this video sure seems to be enjoying it. At a jazz concert held in an aquarium, viewers of the show noticed the eel behind the guitarist begin waving and moving seemingly along with the music.

The conger eel can reach lengths exceeding 10 feet and have even been known to attack human divers. However, the one in this video seems content to just get his groove on and relax in his tank.

The hefty eel sways back and forth with its head pointing up. It is almost uncanny just how in tune with the music that the conger eel seems to be. At times it almost seems to be mirroring the movements of the guitarist.

Check it out for yourself below.

I’ve heard of the dance move called the worm, but have never heard of the eel before.

I guess there is a first time for everything!


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Did You Know the Conger Eel Loves Jazz Music?