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You Know It’s Cold Outside When the Waves Are Freezing

waves are freezing

We’ve all made up some hyperbole about how cold it was outside, but when the waves are freezing and you capture it on video, you win.

As all of us who spend time in the outdoors know, there are many variations of the term “cold”. It ranges all the way from “I might want to wear a jacket” to “Water freezes before it hits the ground.”

Most of the time after the fact (whether we mean to or not) we tend to exaggerate about just how cold it was. Well, after you watch this video from Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, you might agree that we have a winner in the “Just how cold was it” contest.


It’s literally so cold that the waves were freezing as they crashed down, if you could really call that crashing.

The sound was both amazing and horrific, seemingly like glass continuously rubbing together as the force of the unfrozen water behind and underneath continued to push the freezing ice forward. This is an amazing force of nature and one that most of us will never actually get to see in person and will have to stretch our tales to get this far.

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You Know It’s Cold Outside When the Waves Are Freezing