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Do You Know These 10 Winter Predictors Found in Nature? [PICS]

If you know these winter predictors, you are ahead of the curve. 

Unfortunately, winter is right around the corner. Winter weather forecasters can be pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to predicting how bad or how decent the coming winter will be. Nature, however, is one the best winter predictors around, if you know what you are looking for.

The following winter weather predictors found in nature are all around you. They tend to vary year to year, and can be darn right accurate as well. How many of them do you know?

1. Caterpillars


This time of year, caterpillars are everywhere crossing sidewalks and roadways. Pay attention to their colors! As the folklore goes, the more light brown color of the caterpillar, the milder the winter. The darker the caterpillar, the harsher the winter will be.

2. More Fat on Deer

Deer seasons open all over the United States in the month of October. A great predictor of winter weather is how much fat a deer is carrying. Deer, and other animals, won't have as much fat when preparing for a mild winter as opposed to a strong one.

3. Squirrels

Brad Smith

Pay attention to where squirrels are building their nests. If they are closer to the ground, the winter is going to more mild. If they are higher up, expect a lot of snow.

4. Bees in the Trees

Brad Smith

If you notice that more bees and wasps are building their hives inside trees, then it will be a bad winter.

5. Geese Flying South

How soon did you notice geese flying south for the winter? If they are flying south earlier than normal, look out. If they are still hanging around later in the year, you can probably hold off on buying a snow shovel.

6. Foggy August

Brad Smith

As this saying goes, every foggy day in August will result in one day of snow during winter.

7. Muskrats

How high up on the bank are you finding muskrat holes? If they are a good ways away from the water, those muskrats are expecting a hard freeze.

8. Spiders

Every fall, spiders flood our homes. If you are finding more spiders in your house than normal during autumn, expect a tough winter. That's not because there are a bunch of spiders in your house, either.

Brad Smith

9. The Moon

As the rhyme goes: "If there's a halo around the moon, then snow is coming sometime soon".

10. Monarch Butterflies

Every fall, monarchs migrate in vast numbers to warmer temperatures to the south. If they are making the move earlier than normal, snow isn't far off.

These 10 winter predictors found in nature are just a sampling of some of the folklore that has been shared over the years. Perhaps a few of these have some merit, however, most probably don't. They're passed on anyways because they can't really be proven wrong, either.

So what do you think? What winter predictors did we missed?

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Do You Know These 10 Winter Predictors Found in Nature? [PICS]