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Knock Down, Drag Out... Do You Think These Bucks Ever Broke Apart?


Seeing two bucks duke it out like this in person would be a sight to see. Do you think these bucks ever got unlocked?

Testosterone is flying and bucks are trying to show dominance this time of year. Fights happen all the time and every where, but being there to witness doesn't happen very often.

You can spend decades in the woods and go without seeing a battle like this. Therefore, it is special to be there and capture the moment live. This hunter sits back and enjoys the show.

As the bucks approach with ears pinned back and hair standing on end, you can only quietly chant in your mind "fight, fight, fight."

After 3 long exhausting minutes of an epic fight between the bucks the video eventually comes to an end. But because the video ended, didn't mean the fight was over. It makes you wonder if these bucks ever got unlocked.

Rattling with products like Steven Ray's Rattle Forks can be very effective, especially in brush country like this in Texas, and this fight should be enough to show you that.

Best of luck out there, and be aggressive with your rattling tactics. You just might bring the big boys in on a string.

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Knock Down, Drag Out... Do You Think These Bucks Ever Broke Apart?