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Kentucky’s Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot Looks Ridiculously Fun [VIDEO]


The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot is all about blowing sh**t up.

This weekend, the Kentucky countryside will light up with explosions as the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot kicks into gear.

The bi-annual event, billed as the “World’s Machine Gun Shoot and Military Show,” takes place in April and October at the Knob Creek Range near West Point, Kentucky. It’s a celebration of all things machine guns, but it’s also about watching exploding targets go boom.

Hundreds of machine gun enthusiasts from all over the country descend on the range twice a year to watch the orgy of rattling machine guns, bullet tracers and explosions. Participants fire off everything from AK-47s to military cannons, shooting at cars, boats, appliances and a host of other targets loaded with pyrotechnic charges.

The event includes a night shoot, in which shooters unload round upon round into as many targets as possible. Tell me this doesn’t look like fun – and incredibly dangerous.

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Kentucky’s Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot Looks Ridiculously Fun [VIDEO]