Knife Review: Is This Beautiful Knife Truly Practical for an Outdoorsman?

Ever get the feeling things aren't made like they used to be? 

Knives are a great tool to have. Especially for the avid outdoorsman, but really for anyone. When having a knife, if you are going to put it to good use, it is important to have one built to last and made of quality. Enter W.R. Case. Case knives have been a staple in the knife market since they began being handcrafted in 1889. They've never given up their high standards in over 100 years, and I'll try to show you that in this review.

With their huge variety of knives, it's almost overwhelming to come to a final decision on which one you want, but with enough effort, you will find a knife that you feel was built for you.

Why I chose the  6.5 Bonestag Large Stockman...

Made of Bone

If you know me, you know I LOVE chasing whitetail deer. I love every aspect of it, and over the years, I have also really come to love the sport of shed hunting. Antlers just fascinate me. So, while there were many knives that I loved, I finally just chose one that resembled what I loved the most in the outdoors.

case knives

The finish on the handcrafted bone handle is stunning, and I felt like it represented who I was as an outdoorsman more than any other knife.


Personally, I really don't like having things in my pockets. So, a bulky knife is definitely an issue. That is another reason I am so pleased with the BoneStag Stockman. It is the perfect size to be effective in the field, but sleek enough in profile that it doesn't take up a ton of room in my jean pockets.

case knives

I usually prefer a knife with a pocket clip, but the Stockman is thin enough that it goes unnoticed in your pocket. At only 4 1/4", it's the perfect size for anyone on the go.


Quality is something you don't take shortcuts on with knives. When in the field or daily use, a good, sturdy and durable knife is important. You don't want it failing you when you need it most. This is probably the best characteristic of the Case knife.

case knives

When I got this knife, I learned there is in fact a reason Case has been viewed as one of the best knife makers since 1889. They make an incredible product that has been thoroughly tested. With the rotation of every blade and the locking mechanisms, you can feel the crisp engineering and quality of the product. It's built to be used.

It's hard to describe in words, but when holding the Stockman, you can just feel quality as it lies in your hand.

Three Blades

The Stockman is sleek and small, but still has three blades. Why do I mention the three blades into this article? Because two is better than one, and three is better than two. The variety of blades gives you more options for whatever situation you're using your knife in.

case knives

Since having the knife, I've made sure to use it in a few different scenarios on several occasiona. And each time, a different blade has been a better fit for the situation.

It's passed with flying colors while I was field dressing a turkey, removing the beard of a turkey, cutting fishing line, cutting fishing bait, opening shipping boxes, cutting apples, removing morel mushrooms, and during many other little instances.

case knives

The different blades just makes the knife that much more versatile. And if when don't sacrifice size but the knife is still sleek, it is a win-win in my book.

A Company with Integrity

A company built on quality and customer service, my experience with the product itself and the people is evidence enough to show why why Case has been around and been successful for so long.

I was pleasantly surprised when my knife showed up along with a hat, blade sharpener, handkerchief, and band-aid box in case I ever needed it!

case knives

That is what you call putting the customer first. Case makes beautiful products that are built to last. These knives are a perfect gift for anyone who collects knives or simply loves the outdoors.

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