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The Only Knife Acceptable to Bring to a Gun Fight

The old saying 'Don't bring a knife to a gun fight' doesn't have as much meaning when your knife can spit out bullets like any gun...

That's right, this knife is packing heat.

From Arsenal Las Vegas, the same company that imports Bulgarian AK's, a six shot knife gun. this is an AOW item that requires a $5 tax stamp. Very few were made, not sure if it was 200 or 500 of them.

The element of surprise is your best asset during a fight if this was your weapon of choice. Any enemy would be extremely caught off guard that your knife has the ability to shoot bullets.

A .22 caliber bullet isn't the best for self-defense, but coming from an unsuspecting knife such as this, you can bet that your attacker would be dumb-founded to say the least. You can be sure that with six shots available you have a good advantage in the fight.

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Owning a knife that gives you the option to slice and dice, or put holes in someone, is probably the coolest weapon you could possess, and it will certainly impress your friends.

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The Only Knife Acceptable to Bring to a Gun Fight