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Who Knew Whale Watching Could Be So Dangerous? [VIDEO]

When a group goes whale watching, they often times don’t expect to have their boat rammed by a whale. 

Whale watching can be an incredible experience where participants can witness some of the most beautiful creatures of the sea in their natural habitat.

However, in this example, whale watching turns dangerous when a tourist’s boat gets a little too close to nearby whales.

In this crystal clear video, you are about to see how big whales truly are when they get up close and personal.


People often see whales as slow moving, docile creatures. Even though this whale obviously meant no harm, it’s easy to see how something so innocent as watching whales can turn into a serious situation rather fast.

It’s plain to see these whale watchers might have been a little too close, but either way, it was an experience none of them will ever forget.

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Who Knew Whale Watching Could Be So Dangerous? [VIDEO]