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Who Knew Turkey Trapping Was So Entertaining? [VIDEO]

What do you get when you try turkey trapping with a net cannon? Pure awesomeness.

The Grace family out of Roseburg City, Oregon was able to get their turkey trapping on film, and we’re glad they did, because it looks like fun.

“Over seventy turkeys frequenting a bait site for over two weeks,” so they decided it was time to set up the trap. When they got it all set up there ended up being “32 birds on bait and 40 on the hillside.”

Fire that cannon!


Turkey trapping can be a very useful way to relocate turkeys to a new area where the numbers might not be so high, or to get the turkeys GPS tagged for research purposes. Overpopulation, no matter what species of game, is never a good thing and can be detrimental to the wildlife in the area.

All we know is that if you’re going to use a net cannon to do your turkey trapping, make sure and get it on film, and put it on YouTube because we want to see it!

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Who Knew Turkey Trapping Was So Entertaining? [VIDEO]