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Who Knew You Could Shoot a Lever Action This Fast?

Don’t blink or you just might miss the whole thing.

Wow, be ready to be impressed. This gal flat out gets it done in this range competition, and is shucking out shells from her lever action faster than you can blink.

If you have spent anytime around guns, you can see just how difficult of a feat this is. At Winter Range 2016, the top male and top female duked it out in the final to see who had a better time.

Although she didn’t beat the top male, Robyn DeVault certainly caught our attention and we are amazed with her talents. Brings a whole new meaning to Quick Draw Mcgraw.

Have you ever seen a lever action shot this fast?

You can attempt to keep count of just how many shots they fired in the short amount of time, but it is literally too fast too count. This is one cowgirl you don’t want to get in a gun fight with.

The shooting is so impressive, it is hard to watch just once.

Robyn might just be many men’s dream woman. Not so sure how a guy would handle being able to be out shot by his lady though, but I can assure you that is one woman you don’t want to tick off.



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Who Knew You Could Shoot a Lever Action This Fast?