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Kitten and Deer Fawn Meet for First Time [VIDEO]

Miro the kitten doesn’t quite know what to think of this deer fawn. The resulting interactions are pretty adorable.

A deer fawn, less than 48-hours-old, was found on the front porch of this family’s home.

As is the case with new born fawns, they are often left alone for long periods of time as a method of defense against predatorsand so mom can venture off to feed.

But, when mom left her fawn here this day, I’m fairly certain she didn’t feel the ‘threat’ would come from a curious kitten named Miro.

Shortly after this video was shot, the deer fawn was reunited with its mother.

As for Miro, he’s still trying to figure out what the heck that furry spotted thing was sprawled out on the front porch.

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Kitten and Deer Fawn Meet for First Time [VIDEO]