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King Ranch Hunting Trips Out for Florida GOP Leaders

Secret hunting trips to King Ranch in Texas have been terminated for Florida GOP leaders.

U.S. Sugar is a big backer of elite Republicans in Florida. They will continue to support GOP leaders, but without the accompanying trips to King Ranch they've funded in the past, says the Tampa Bay Times.

Republican Richard Corcoran says it's just fine with him. He wants to raise money with transparency, so he can maintain credibility.

U.S. Sugar did not comment on their sponsorship of these secret trips to the Texas hunting ranch. Reporters noticed a correlation between the gifts and the dates the GOP leaders registered for Texas hunting licenses. This correlation led to the discovery of how "in-kind" contributions were made. Currently, there are no laws in place requiring companies or politicians disclose the nature of in-kind gifts.

A reporter for several national publications discovered U.S. Sugar has contributed at least 20 King Ranch trips for the state party. The secrecy behind these trips has lead to public distrust for many.

Corcoran stated only transparency will help prevent further special interest groups from making too many waves in the state party.

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King Ranch Hunting Trips Out for Florida GOP Leaders