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This is the Kind of Thing That Makes Kayak Fishing Awesome [VIDEO]

Kayak fishing can be great, and frustrating. There’s a combo of both in this clip.

Most fishermen have lost a catch during their lifetime, and it’s exactly the highlight of a fishing career. It hurts to think about “the one that got away.”

Usually, we lose fish due to broken lines or hooks getting loose—not from a shark stealing it three feet from us. But, that’s exactly what happened to this angler as he was reeling in his catch from the comfort of his kayak.

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You can look at this two ways: On one hand, the guy lost a great catch that he will never get back. On the other hand, he had the best view possible of a shark attacking a fish right in front of his eyes.

Shark Steals Fish From Kayaker

Maybe it would seem frustrating to pull this out of the water, but c’mon, that’s still pretty awesome!

Would you be happy or sad about losing your catch to a shark like this? Leave your comments in the comments section below.

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This is the Kind of Thing That Makes Kayak Fishing Awesome [VIDEO]