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The Kimber Ultra Carry II: Everything You Wanted to Know

Kimber America

A compact 1911 for concealed carry? The Ultra Carry II is perfect for that.

When choosing a concealed carry firearm, most people will gravitate toward a polymer gun of some sort. Glock, Smith & Wesson or Springfield are usually the first brands to come to mind. But there are some people who love to carry a 1911-style firearm.

The 1911 has been around for more than 100 years and is still a very sought-after style of handgun. Favored by those who like the .45 ACP, if handled well by the shooter, the 1911 is a reliable and hard-hitting gun.

But it is big and heavy. Sometimes carrying a full-size firearm is just not convenient and comfortable, especially one as heavy as a full-size 1911. So many companies that make 1911 pistols started making them smaller and lighter to carry while still providing that punch of a .45 ACP round.

The Ultra Carry II from Kimber fits that bill. Small, compact and powerful, this is a little gun that you can drop in your pocket and know that you have the stopping power you desire.

Kimber America
Kimber America

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Wanting a gun that is compact and as easy to use as its full-size relatives, Kimber designed the Ultra Carry II to be just another 1911 that you would want to carry. The match grade bushingless ramped bull barrel is three inches long, and the gun, overall, measures 4.75 inches high, 6.8 inches in length and 1.28 inches wide. This slim little 1911 is available in .45 ACP (seven rounds plus one) and 9mm.

The slide is made of machined steel and the frame is made of aluminum. With a tight fit, this compact 1911 has the same safety features as a full-size 1911, consisting of a grip safety and thumb safety. The Ultra Carry II has a crisp and clean trigger pull and doesn’t have as much travel or long heavy pull as other 1911s may have. It comes with low-profile non-adjustable iron sights.

There are a few models of the Ultra Carry available. These include a stainless steel option, in addition to some other cosmetic options.

Concealed Carry

Like other compact guns, the Ultra Carry II is limited on the number of rounds it can carry. In .45 ACP, it can only carry seven rounds plus one, so a spare mag is a must. But if you like a 1911 and need a compact or pocket gun to carry when a full size is not an option, then choosing a 1911 like the Ultra Carry II won’t have you relearning features on a new gun. It operates the same way its full-size Kimbers do.

So when looking for a compact 1911, check out the Kimber Ultra Carry II and see if it helps change your mind about carrying a 1911.

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The Kimber Ultra Carry II: Everything You Wanted to Know