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Weirdly, Kimber Now Has a Revolver: The K6S

Kimber's new K6s revolver

Kimber now makes a revolver?

This rumor is true, and Hickok45 has his hands on one to shoot. Check out Kimber’s new K6s Revolver and see what it is all about.

Sure, Kimber makes a revolver, just like Glock makes 1911-style pistols, right? As Hickok45 shows this revolver is not a rumor but a reality.

The new Kimber K6s has a snub-nosed .357 magnum that he puts to good use on his range. It will fire anything from light .38 special loads up through heavy .357 magnum loads. Now, that certainly is quite handy. This all steel revolver is equipped with Crimson Trace Grips that are without the laser. Hickok45 approves of this little friend.

We send a special thanks out to the great Hickok45 for bringing this new Kimber K6s to our attention. What a sweet little revolver it truly is.


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Weirdly, Kimber Now Has a Revolver: The K6S