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The Kimber 1911: A Guide For the Uninitiated


A choice of top military and police units, the Kimber 1911 is worth your consideration.

Kimber has been making firearms since 1979, when it was known as “Kimber of Oregon” and specialized in accurate .22 rifles. They’ve shifted focus to a wide variety of firearms, including the infamous 1911 that so many gun manufacturers have capitalized on.

Their 1911 model is American-made and stays true to the values of the company as a whole: it’s built with domestic products, manufactured within the US, and provides the kind of quality, accuracy and dependability that gun owners look for.

The majority of Kimber’s 1911s are in the conventional .45 ACP, but a few 9 mm are in the mix as well.

Though the prices on the extensive line of Kimber 1911s can be a little lofty, potential owners can be confident they’ll be equipping themselves with a heck of a firearm.

Carry Styles

Almost all of the Kimber 1911s were designed with carry in mind, and the features add to the appeal. Light weights and relatively small statures help concealing and holstering needs, but the variety of the look and feel of the guns is almost unmatched.

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mastercarrycustomTake the Master Carry as an example. The aluminum Round Heel Frame and black KimPro II slide finish play off the satin silver frame to make up an excellent looking handgun. The Master Carry Ultra costs $1,568, which some would consider high for a pistol, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for something to not only protect yourself, but be proud of carrying.

Slightly lower in the dollar department is the Ultra Aegis II, a smaller and compact 1911 that runs for $1,331. Ideal for smaller hands and females, the Aegis is a 9 mm. Its bobbed hammer, thumb safety and magazine release make it trustworthy and the rosewood grips are a great finishing touch.

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In the law enforcement word, the Tactical II has been chosen by several top organizations as their go-to gun. Luckily, functionality and the “ready for anything” features of the Tactical II don’t come at a sacrifice of style; it’s one of the better looking pistols used by any police or SWAT. The Tactical Entry II will run you $1,490.

Match Pistols

The Kimber Gold Match and Team Match were created for the world’s top competitive shooters, and in the brand’s words, are “the apex of production 1911 performance.”goldmatchii

The Gold Match II is boasted as the finest production pistol offered by the company, and it shows. The $1,393 price tag isn’t anything to laugh at, but you’ll get what you pay for.

Stainless steel match-grade barrels and rosewood grips add to the sheer power and accuracy needed by shooters. The Team Match was specifically designed for the USA Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol Team to use in action competitions with the world’s top speed shooters. It costs $1,868.

Something for Everyone

The 1911 line doesn’t stop there for Kimber, and new styles are being designed and released throughout the year. The Custom II, Covert II, Eclipse II and Raptor II are just a few more available from the wide selection. There’s even a Rimfire II, chambered in .22 LR, providing a great practice, beginner or “just for fun” gun. Conversion kits for the Rimfire are available as well.

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In summary, if a well-made pistol that won’t let you down is what you’re looking for, the Kimber 1911 should at least make it onto the short list. Used Kimber 1911s can be found for lower prices, but there’s nothing like opening a box for the first time, and being a trustworthy gun’s first and primary user.

For more on the 1911s and the rest of Kimber’s offerings, be sure to check out Kimber’s website.

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The Kimber 1911: A Guide For the Uninitiated