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Killing Crows with Master Crow Hunter Bob Aronsohn

Bob Aronsohn has killed nearly 100,000 crows. Here’s how he does it.

With the spring turkey hunting and nesting season rapidly approaching, there’s no better time to get out and kill some egg snatching crows than right now and there’s no better way to learn how to make the most of your crow hunting time than from Bob Aronsohn, a master crow killer.

On this hunt, Bob is able to down 447 of the pests in one day. Watch the video to see what his setup looks like and how he manages to whack so many of these turkey nest raiders.

Some of the keys to Bob Aronsohn’s success include:

  • Extensive scouting to locate crow flyways. We put in the time to scout for waterfowl and big game. Successful crow hunters do the same.
  • Quality concealment counts. In this video Bob Aronsohn is using a pit blind surrounded by brushed in fencing. I’ll bet that didn’t get there by itself.
  • Shoot straight. He missed a few, but almost every crow that Bob shot at hit the ground. If your wingshooting isn’t up to par, consider practicing on some clay targets before your crow hunt. These intelligent birds won’t keep coming if you keep missing.

If you hunt turkeys, grouse, quail or other ground nesting species, crows are the competition. Getting permission to crow hunt is typically not an issue since most farmers resent the crows’ feed robbing and wrapped bale pecking.

Once you’ve gained permission to kill some crows, make the most of it, because the first hunt in an area will likely be the best.



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Killing Crows with Master Crow Hunter Bob Aronsohn