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Killer Whales Hunt Down Stranded Seal With Well-Orchestrated Attack [VIDEO]

You know what they say, only see ten-percent of any given iceberg is visible—and killer whales are patrolling the other ninety-percent.

We’re all used to seeing killer whales (Orcinus orca) portrayed in over-sized plush and playing the leading role in a Warner Brother’s production. But really, these animals weren’t meant for the big screen or to be confined to concrete bowls—they belong in the vast, “wide open spaces” that are our biosphere’s oceans.

In the video below, provided by none other than Discovery themselves, killer whales can be seen doing what they do best—killing. And in an incredibly organized, “creative way.”

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Killer whales are the wolf packs of the saline seas, really. Often seen hunting in well-organized packs or “pods” as they’re known, a colony of whales can successfully sustain its members on the large aquatic fauna they’ve collectively hunted, sharing the deceased prey among its members.

This video marked the first time this “wave washing” approach had been filmed.

So if you ever have the pleasure of whale watching and just so happen to find yourself in the heated moments of a killer whale hunt, remember to root for the seal—it needs all the “survival vibes” it can get.

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Killer Whales Hunt Down Stranded Seal With Well-Orchestrated Attack [VIDEO]