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Killer Whale vs. Dolphins = Epic Water Bodyslams [VIDEO]

Watch this video clip and you’ll revisit the way you view those Sea World whales.

Ever have an older sibling that’d tackle you and sit on you? Not fun, right?

Even less fun? Have a killer whale jump on your head.

In this rare video, we see a dolphin desperately trying to avoid being landed on by a killer whale, which can grow up to 23 feet long and weight up to 10 tons. By contrast, dolphins tend to grow to about nine feet long, and weigh 350 pounds.

In human terms, if the whale was a professional sumo wrestler, the dolphin would be a very small chihuahua.

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Talk about punching below your weight class.

This is a hunting behavior known as breaching, where the massive whales leap from the water and use the force of their landing to stun their prey. They do this primarily with seals and sea lions, but occasionally, they also use the same tactic against dolphins.

Disturbingly, scientists have found killer whales don’t always eat their quarry this way; they breach and kill for fun, which is particularly rough, since killer whales are the largest member of the dolphin family.

Next time we complain about the black sheep at our holiday family gatherings, we’ll make sure to thank our lucky stars that at least ours don’t outweigh us by a factor of ten.

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Killer Whale vs. Dolphins = Epic Water Bodyslams [VIDEO]