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Killer Whale Makes Friends with a Paddle Boarder

Do you think this killer whale mistook a paddle board for a playmate?

The scene is one of pure peacefulness – a bright sunny day, calm and clear water, and chances are, not a worry in the world. Wait a minute. What’s that? Yep, a killer whale just joined the party.

Although wild killer whales are not considered a threat to humans, I still wonder how uneasy I might feel if one swam up beside me. It certainly seems friendly enough, and looking at the size and color of the paddle board, it really makes you wonder if this whale simply mistook the inanimate object for one of its own.

Check out the cool interaction that was posted to Instagram.

I (don’t) want to paddle with a killer whale! 😧 👇Tag friends👇

A video posted by Amazing Content (@humansareamazing) on

Seems like that little nibble was enough for this whale to recognize it might be time to find new friends.

What an awesome experience to have happen out on the water, albeit, a slightly unnerving one at that.



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Killer Whale Makes Friends with a Paddle Boarder