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The Killer Whale Encounter You Have to See to Believe [VIDEO]

killer whale encounter

You won’t believe just how close the killer whale encounter in this video was to the person filming.

Whales are curious and intelligent creatures. They often investigate humans when they encounter them on the water, or in this case, on the shore. You really do have to see it to believe it.

If you don’t watch the entire video, at least wait until about the 1:50 mark. That is when this killer whale encounter really gets amazing.

The killer whales in this video seem to be rubbing themselves against the pebbles that are on the bottom of the ocean floor. One of the bystanders guesses that they are scratching themselves on the rough surface and he may be right.

The bystanders who were involved in this killer whale encounter had to have been in absolute amazement. To be so close to such a large and dangerous, yet beautiful, creature will surely be something they never forget.

Killer whales didn’t earn their nickname for no reason. They have been known to beach themselves while chasing prey. Luckily, humans didn’t seem to be on the menu that day.


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The Killer Whale Encounter You Have to See to Believe [VIDEO]