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This Proves Kids Fishing are Adorable [VIDEO]

Get ready for the cutest kids fishing video you will see all day.

Rachel, the little girl in this video, catches a small sunfish while fishing from a dock. The man filming the video, presumably her dad, gets just as excited as Rachel does.

You’re sure to laugh as you listen to him try and tell Rachel what to do and she doesn’t quite understand.

Once the fish is finally on the dock, Rachel gets a little scared but still manages to smile for the camera and proudly state that she caught her first fish. It may not sound like that at first, but I promise that is what she says.

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If this video didn’t manage to get you to laugh or at least crack a smile, then I’m not sure what to tell you. It just doesn’t get any cuter or funnier than this.

Taking kids fishing is one of the most rewarding experiences that any angler can do. It could lead to a lifelong hobby for a new angler and could even earn you a new fishing buddy.

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This Proves Kids Fishing are Adorable [VIDEO]