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Kids of All Ages Could be Able to Operate Handguns in Iowa


Iowa passes new legislation to allow children of all ages to use handguns.

Iowa’s house of representatives passed a new bill Tuesday that will allow children of all ages to operate handguns of any kind.

Under Iowa’s current laws a child of any age could operate a long gun or shotgun with adult supervision, but youth had to be at least 14 to operate pistols or revolvers.

With this new bill children of any age would be allowed to operate any handgun as long as a parent 21 years of age or older maintains visual and verbal contact with the youth at all times.

Although the new legislation passed with a 62-36 vote, a few representatives are still very strongly opposed to allowing younger children access to handguns.

State Representative Mary Mascher told The Guardian, “While most parents would not allow their two-year-old to wield a revolver, we pass laws for those parents who lack the parenting skills needed to protect their own children.”

Jake Highfill another representative argued for the opposite to give parents more rights to choose when their child was old enough to learn to respect guns.

“Allowing people to learn at a young age the respect that a gun commands is one of the most important things you can do,” Highfill told The Washington Post. “The alternative is turning 18 with no experience.”

This new bill will not allow children to purchase or keep a firearm on their person.

It’s well worth noting that there are important steps that can be taken to ensure you’re going about firearm introduction the best way possible, and there are detailed resources to help you do it.

Don’t try to take your kid out shooting at the range with a handgun now though, as the bill still must pass a final vote within the Iowa State Senate before it can be issued into law.



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Kids of All Ages Could be Able to Operate Handguns in Iowa