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Kid Rock Kicks Jamey Johnson Off His Land

kid rock
Image via Flickr / Cliff

Kid Rock got pissed at the "hillbillies" camping on his land.

Kid Rock is an avid, if novice, hunter and was feeling generous when he welcomed his neighbor, Jamey Johnson, to hunt on his land. Unfortunately, things went south quickly when Rock discovered his neighbor turned this invitation into a camping party with his friends.

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Rock revoked Johnson's invitation to hunt on his land when Rock discovered a "bunch of f**kin' hillbillies" camping out on his land. Rock told Rolling Stone magazine these uninvited guests had set up tents and were killing random animals on the land.

"I had to tell them to get the "f**k off my property," said Rock.

Johnson has taken responsibility for his actions and admits he overstepped his invitation. "I moved into his woods out there for a while. It was what started off to be maybe five or six people, but it turned into about 20 or 30," Johnson told Rolling Stone.

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Kid Rock Kicks Jamey Johnson Off His Land