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Kid Rock Hunts in Alabama


Apparently, Kid Rock hunts now. Welcome to the club!

For the last few years, Kid Rock has been hunting next to some property owned by Hank Williams Jr. in Alabama. He liked doing this so much in fact, he bought some property to solely dedicate to hunting deer.

After Kid Rock finally took down this nine-pointer, another famous rocker, and hunter, Ted Nugent had to chime in on Kid Rock's Facebook page where the photo was posted.


Gotta call from my fellow MotorCity RockDog KidRock very Xcited about his big AL buck! I'm afraid the man is hooked on the Great Spirit of the Wild now! Way2GO Bob! CongratSalute my Motown Michiganiac SoulMusic venison BloodBrother! Watch how much more sexy his music will be now!! GoKidGO!!

Ted Nugent got fired up about Kid Rock's hunting ventures.

Before Kid Rock took his buck this year, he has been getting bowhunting lessons from Uncle Ted for the last few years to help him in his quest to harvest a buck.

That friendship has spawned into exotic hunting adventures all over the country and now Kid Rock is hooked.

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Kid Rock Hunts in Alabama