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Kid Pulls His Tooth with a Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]

This young archer has a loose tooth, and a cringe-inducing plan to remove it: with a bow and arrow.

Carter Wise announces his intentions at the start of the video, sounding remarkably calm.

He displays the loose incisor to the camera, then presents his crude dentistry contraption – floss tied between an arrow and his tooth.

Carter’s father elaborates on how it will all work, complete with sound effects. Carter, for his part, seems unaffected, more concerned in the taste of the floss than the tooth about to be violently ripped from his jaw.

His only sign of concern comes when his mother suggests that his father has tied the floss to the wrong tooth. Carter’s eyes shoot open wide in panic, but Dad reassures them he knows what he’s doing. All the same, it’s Mom that ties the final knot.

The procedure goes off unexpectedly well, with Carter proudly displaying the new gap in his smile. His removed pearly white is also recovered, so Carter can collect his tooth fairy money.

Considering he gave his parents some free entertainment, he should’ve gotten quite the payout.

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Kid Pulls His Tooth with a Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]