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Kid Gets Fish Slapped Twice; Doesn’t Break His Smile [VIDEO]

Have you ever just been so happy that nothing in the world could bring you down? That’s exactly where this kid was when he got fish slapped twice.

We may not remember our first fish, or even our biggest, but for almost all of us there is at least one fish that has put a smile on our face that nothing could take away.

It is clear to see that this kid was that happy about this fish he caught. He was proudly displaying his trophy catch when the fish decided it didn’t care for that kind of treatment. Luckily for us, video cameras were rolling when the young fisherman gets fish slapped twice.

You can’t help but admire the bravery, stubbornness, or just plain excitement that comes with this young boy’s catch. Most of us would have dropped this catch after the first slap; but not this boy, he simply keeps smiling. Even more of us would have either dropped the fish and given up on the picture after getting fish slapped twice; but not our fisherman, he stands proud, still sporting an ear-to-ear smile.

This is the kind of enthusiasm I love to see from outdoorsmen. Often, kids are the ones who remind us what hunting and fishing is really about. Seeing the joy they get as they experience the sports that we love so much can help us remember that it’s not all about trophy animals and filling limits, but spending time in the woods and enjoying nature.

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Kid Gets Fish Slapped Twice; Doesn’t Break His Smile [VIDEO]