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Would Feeding a Stingray This Big Make You Nervous? [VIDEO]

OK, this kid is hand-feeding something BIG. You need to see it to believe it!

Vueltas is a protected port in Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera, one of the Spanish Canary Islands, where beautifully colored fishing boats and exuberant sailing vessels dot the water.

When these same fishing boats enter the bay, the bycatch of their efforts are often thrown back. It makes for some interesting company in the shallow waters of the port.

Watch this young boy make friends with a large marine animal and feed it a handful of shrimp.

This old Spanish port is home to various marine animals who like to come in close for a free meal. Visitors have seen stingrays, eagle rays, and butterfly rays eat from people's hands, and even stay to be pet!

This young man and his friends had no fear feeding a stingray by hand. They had fun and made an unbelievable memory being this close to a large marine animal. I hope humans and sea creatures can always get along so well.

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Would Feeding a Stingray This Big Make You Nervous? [VIDEO]