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Which Kid is Faster? The One with the Rubik’s Cube, Or the One with the Glock?


Think you could solve a Rubik’s cube or reassemble a Glock faster than these kids?

It is amazing the learning curve kid’s can have and their ability to put knowledge into action. Whether it is teaching them to solve Rubik’s puzzles or how to safely handle firearms, they will often surprise you with what they can do.

Check out these twins named Alexander and Nicholas. Not only are they intelligent enough to solve a Rubik’s cube, but well trained enough with firearms to quickly dismantle and reassemble them. So what is there to do when they get bored? How about race to see who can do one or the other the fastest?

Watch them go at it to see if one can solve the cube faster than the other can reassemble a Glock.

Let me start by saying in general how impressive it is to be able to solve a Rubik’s cube. I have solved a few, but with luck over days, not minutes like these kids can. I could hardly keep up with how fast they were flipping the sides around on that thing.

Secondly, it is great to see that they are being trained on how to not only safely handle, but know the inner working of a firearm. While one of Glocks biggest sellers is their simplicity when dissembling, most kids don’t want anything to do with that part. They just like to shoot them like we do, then leave the cleaning to us.

From the looks of it I think they may be ready for some more complicated challenges. Teach them how to take apart a little more complex firearm and toss them a star cube to start practicing for another race.

Keep it up guys, and hope you put those brains to good use.



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Which Kid is Faster? The One with the Rubik’s Cube, Or the One with the Glock?