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Kickstarter for Anti-Poaching Documentary You Need to See [VIDEO]

anti-poaching documentary

This Kickstarter for an anti-poaching documentary can help turn the tide on some of the world’s most endangered animals.

Hunting and conservation go hand in hand; and there is no place for poachers in either venue. That’s why you should check out this anti-poaching documentary.

They seem to have finally found something that is working and want to do everything they can to spread that success around to the rest of Africa. Watch the video they made for Kickstarter below to see what the documentary is all about.

It looks like the guys at Zambeze Delta Safaris have finally hit on something that is working to turn the tide on poaching in Africa. Now they just need to spread the word and the methods they are using to the rest of the continent to spread the positive impact they are having.

That’s where the Kickstarter project comes in. This documentary is hoping to do the job of spreading the word in a fast and efficient manner to anyone and everyone who can help.

Conrad Evarts, the founder of this campaign, promises that all funds donated will go towards helping the anti-poaching cause, and strongly believes after the time he has spent in the Zambeze Delta that this project is something that should be shared to help with conservation efforts all around the world.

You do have to act soon; this Kickstarter campaign ends on Friday, May 15. So if you want to help head over to the anti-poaching documentary page now to donate, and as an added bonus there are some awesome rewards up for grabs.

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Kickstarter for Anti-Poaching Documentary You Need to See [VIDEO]