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KFC South Africa Parodies Shark Attack

KFC South Africa Parodies Shark Attack

KFC South Africa has created a parody commercial of Mick Fanning’s surfing shark attack. You have to see this to believe it.

Back in July Mick Fanning paddled out for his run at the J-Bay Open in South Africa. As he was waiting the proper wave to surf, a 13-foot great white shark popped up out of the water just behind him. Luckily for Fanning the shark only bit his leash and did no damage to his body, but it was still quite a scary incident.

However, KFC South Africa found the whole event to be the perfect scenario to advertise their new Jacked Up Double Crunch chicken sandwich, and so they made parody of the shark attack for a commercial. Check it out below.

Below is footage of the actual shark attack on Fanning during the surfing competition so you can see what it really looked like on the day of the scare.

What do you think about this? Funny, and a good use of a situation, or just bad taste?

If you want a clue as to what the public as a whole thinks KFC South Africa has now removed the commercial from their YouTube page. Looks like they decided they may look a little better without it.


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KFC South Africa Parodies Shark Attack