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The Key to Taking the Perfect #HukNation Photo


It’s all fun and games out there until you actually reel in a huge fish. Then it gets even better – capture it with these perfect #HukNation photo ideas.

We’ve all been there – nothing is happening on the other end of the line and we start joking around. The line tugs and bam! We’re right back in the game and ready to reel in that monster.

But like any tight knit community, the legion of anglers who believe in and use Huk Gear know that these days, if there isn’t a picture, it never really happened.

Don’t ruin your perfect catch with a less-than-perfect shot. Besides, how else will you prove it to your buddies not out there with you?

These #HukNation tips are all you need to remember for the money shot.

1. Who said anything about fish?

Lobster will do just fine.

2. Weather grey? Fish look even brighter!

No one said all of the days of the trip would be sunny.

3. Don’t forget your sun protection!

Try not to leave home without your #HukNation visor or hat. Your eyes will thank you.

4. Make every day #MahiMonday.

It’s Friday? Who cares, every day can be #MahiMonday if you cast your lines right.

5. A little blood never hurt anyone.

Don’t be afraid to get in the thick of it.

6. Get a grip.

And hold on tight!

7. Use the buddy system.

We get by with a little help from our friends.

8. Spread the love.

Take a newbie out with you and convert them for life.

9. Fish every day like it’s your last.

A photo posted by Kristina (@kmanderson95) on

Just like these three ladies did!

10. Take in the view.

Sometimes, it’s more about the place than the fishing. But only sometimes.

Be sure to check out all the latest from Huk Gear and join the movement of #HukNation with your own photos and experiences.



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The Key to Taking the Perfect #HukNation Photo