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Kevin VanDam Shows a Simple Bass Crankbait Secret

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Everyone’s got room in their tackle box for one more secret trick. Learn this pro crank bait tip from the best!

With spring bass fishing going into full swing, who isn’t looking for a new way to fool weary bass this season? Sometimes, it’s easy to take things a little too literally, like constantly cranking a crankbait. Believe it or not, there’s a better way to fish with this type of lure and it doesn’t involve cranking.

Tune in with pro angler Kevin VanDam as he shares a secret tip to catching more spring time bass with a crankbait.

Thanks for the awesome tip, Kevin!

If you’re planning on spending most of your spring on the water in search of monster bass and are looking for a new fishing pole to help in your quest, look no further than the Mojo Bass series from St. Croix. Because the team at St. Croix understands that us bass anglers have more lures in our arsenal than any other type of angler, they’ve specifically designed the Mojo Bass line around different types of lures, including crankbaits.

The “Crankster” is a one-piece glass rod that weighs less than 5 ounces and is designed with a 5 inch handle, which truly is the perfect harmony between sensitivity and functionality when handling crankbaits. For those anglers that choose to work with slightly heavier baits, the “Big Crankster” would be your ideal rod, at 7’8”.

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St. Croix

No matter what type of bait or lure your fishing this season, be sure to try new techniques like the one above, as it just might make the all the difference.

Tight lines, my friends.



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Kevin VanDam Shows a Simple Bass Crankbait Secret