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Kentucky Man Kicked off of Pay Lake for Catching Too Many Catfish [VIDEO]

When a pay lake advertises no limit of catfish, how can you get kicked out for having too many?

Recently in Kentucky, a man was kicked out of Horseshoe Pay Lake for catching too many catfish. The problem? Unlike many places you pay to fish that have limits on the total amount you can catch, this one advertises itself as a no-limit lake.

Ron Riordan is a trucker who loves to spend his time off catfishing. At Horseshoe Pay lake, a $20-dollar entry fee allows you 12 hours of non- stop fishing. He ran into a problem with the owner after catching over 30 catfish in a few hours. He recorded the entire encounter on his cell phone.

I understand the owner's point of how much he pays per pound to have catfish stocked in the pay lake every weekend, but I don't understand his anger towards the man for catching that many catfish. If you are going to advertise as a no-limit lake then you need to honor that or change the rules. You can't single one person out because you are upset with how many fish he has caught that day.

You also have to ask yourself how many times the man in the video has been to the pay lake and only caught a few or anything at all. How many people in general go there and never catch any fish, but pay to get in. Is the owner going to refund their money for not catching anything? I think not, so he can't penalize someone for paying and doing well.

I live very close to this pay lake, but have never been. A good friend of mine frequents it and has never had any issues with the owners no matter how many fish he catches. He knew the man from the video but I could not get a hold of him or the owners for comment on the subject.

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Kentucky Man Kicked off of Pay Lake for Catching Too Many Catfish [VIDEO]