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Kentucky Huntress Bags Single Season Turkey Grand Slam [PICS]

All images courtesy of Facebook/Kirsten Godfrey

Kirsten Godfrey, 23, harvested one each of the four subspecies native to the USA.

Kirsten Godfrey, a 23-year-old native of Hardin County, Kentucky, is an avid huntress. She would rather spend time in the woods or on the water than just about anywhere else.

Anyone who runs in turkey hunting circles will ultimately cross paths with Godfrey. She is an active member of her local National Wild Turkey Federation chapter (Heartland Chapter) as well as a regular attendee at conventions and sport shows.

Kirsten 1

In 2015, Godfrey set her eyes on the prize of a single season turkey grand slam. To achieve it, she would have to harvest at least one each of the four turkey subspecies native to the USA: the Eastern, Osceola, Rio Grande, and Merriam.

There are two other subspecies of turkey, the oscillated and the Gould’s, but neither are considered native to the USA even though the Gould’s is found in parts of the Southwest.

Godfrey’s year of turkey hunting didn’t start off well. She found out that swamp birds in Florida (Osceola) aren’t the easiest bird to find. Her first hunt ended without a bird, but she wasn’t finished.

She ended up back in Florida for another great hunt and brought the smackdown on a great 18 ½-pound turkey with a 10-inch beard and 1 ¼-inch spurs. Her grand slam was beginning to take shape.


Next, back in Kentucky, Kirsten took three easterns (two on statewide license and one with a bonus tag on Fort Knox). Her dream was beginning to take hold.


However, as any turkey hunter knows, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to wild turkey.


Godfrey traveled across the country to Nebraska in search of the second half of her grand slam. While out west, she had success with the third leg of her slam by taking a beautiful Rio Grande, and finished it off with a double down on two Merriam turkeys.

Double Merriams

So, what’s in store for this Kentucky huntress now? Who knows? One thing is for sure: the public will hear more from this talented outdoorswoman.

Grand Slam

All images courtesy of Facebook/Kirsten Godfrey

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Kentucky Huntress Bags Single Season Turkey Grand Slam [PICS]