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Kentucky Fisherman Finds Dismembered Body in Green River


Fisherman stumbles upon dismembered body in tote bag while fishing the Green River in Kentucky. 

A relaxing day of fishing turned into a gruesome find for one Kentucky Angler after discovering a dismembered body.

George Bruton got to Green River early last Saturday morning to beat the heat while fishing. After meeting a few other fisherman they set off to try to catch some bass.

A quarter-mile from the boat ramp Bruton spotted a strange tote bag sitting near the edge of the river. Curious as to why it was tossed there he ventured closer.

"I took my gaffe that I use to pull fish in and I reached and hooked the toe and kind of flipped it over," Bruton told WDRB News. "I actually cut it a little bit more so I could see further into it. When I did you could see a hand."

He immediately called for help and waited until the Hart County coroner and Kentucky state police arrived.

"You're expecting to go catch some smallmouth bass and enjoy the river, and then all of the sudden you come up on something like that," explained Bruton.

An autopsy revealed the body to be that of 22-year-old Kristen Edwards of Barren County. Friends and family described her as a kind, quiet person and loving mother of her two young sons.


"We've got to figure out who done this because there's someone responsible for the death and the disposal of somebody else's body," said Trooper Eaton of Kentucky State Police. "That's our primary goal."

Investigators have not said how long Edwards had been missing prior to her death. The only information given was a final FaceBook post from July 14 that read, "Somehow I know there's more to life than this."

They have also not released any possible suspects or motives for the killing.

Kentucky State Police ask anyone with any information involving the case to please contact them at (270)782-2010


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Kentucky Fisherman Finds Dismembered Body in Green River