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Kentucky Wildlife Officials Seek Leads in Elk Poaching Cases

Over the past few weeks several Eastern Kentucky elk have been poached, and Wildlife Officials are relying on the public for further information.

This past Friday, WKYT reported that Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Officials are seeking leads and information for their numerous investigations into recent cases of elk poaching.

Officials state that they have had reports in Knott, Floyd, Johnson, and Martin counties of poached elk, and that they are seeing various trademarks of poaching, such as the antlers being sawed off or pieces of meat being removed. Conservation Officer Eric Thomas is part of the team that has been canvasing the scenes, as well as posting reward posters for information leading to the poachers. He had this to say about the investigations:

We are looking for tire tracks, survey the scene for any evidence left, use metal detectors to search for bullet fragments or actual bullets. Also, with bull elk we look to see if the antler has been sawed off or if any of the meat has been cut away with a knife.

Having a healthy elk population is something many Eastern Kentucky residents are proud of, Thomas stated, and keeping that herd prosperous largely depends on the public’s response when Kentucky elk poaching cases like this occur.

If you have any information that you think may help with these cases, please contact your local conservation officer or call 1-800-25-alert.

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Kentucky Wildlife Officials Seek Leads in Elk Poaching Cases