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Kendall Jones Under Fire for Her “Hot Hunter” Contest

FOX Chicago

Kendall Jones is at it again. This time the hunting advocate is receiving criticism over her “Hot Hunter” contest. 

Kendall Jones was under fire last year for posting pictures of the game she killed on her African safari hunts, and now she’s being criticized for an online contest she started.

Dubbed, the “Hot Hunter” contest, Kendall Jones asked male hunters to post pictures of themselves in their hunting gear.

According to reports, Kendall Jones got many responses, and some of them contained pictures of male hunters posing with game they killed.

A critic of Kendall Jones posted on her wall saying, “Let’s hunt you for your blonde locks…”

Another person commented writing, “You may love your makeup but it doesn’t hide the monster you are.”

Kendall Jones picked a hunter from North Carolina as the winner of the contest. She wrote a message to her critics telling them;

The real reason I did this whole competition was to prove that what really pisses off the anti-hunting crowd is not that I hunt, or that I pose with my trophies, or that I’m proud of my achievements…it’s the fact that I’m a girl and I’m doing these things.


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Kendall Jones Under Fire for Her “Hot Hunter” Contest