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Kelty TrailLogic Might Just Change Your Backpacking Experience [VIDEO]

The Kelty TrailLogic system is worth checking out for your next backpacking adventure.

Outdoor brand Kelty, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado has a revolutionary and affordable set of gear out that will really change your next backpacking or camping experience.

As a Kelty user myself, I can attest to the quality of their products. Their Coyote backpack has gotten me through places like The Narrows at Zion National Park and to Okotomi Lake in Glacier National Park, as well as numerous other spots around Colorado and the western United States.

The TrailLogic system essentially allows for a seamless collaboration between the most essential items you need on a backpacking trip.

Here’s an awesome overview of how, well, awesome it is from Kelty Gear.

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The TraiLogic Collection consists of a pack, a tent, a pad, and a backpack, each of which you wouldn’t want to be camping without.


We’ll start with the PK50 backpack, which weighs in at only 3 lbs, 2 oz for the small/medium and 3lbs, 3oz for the medium/large.

This pack has a number of features that really make it shine when compared to other backpacks available. To help with quick loading, unloading, and organizing, the backpack’s pockets are compartmentalized, but even better, the 50 liter pack is divided into the main body of 35 liters and a detachable front pocket of 15 liters.

While this setup adds additional organization ability, it also gives users the opportunity to remove the front pocket entirely for those fast-and-light trips or for when you want to bring some of your gear into the tent without bringing the entire pack.

Special care was taken in the design of this layout. The pockets are arranged so heavier items are closer to the body; this increases stability and comfort. The clothing and tent pockets are most easily accessible, making set up upon arrival at camp quick and easy.

The pack also features a roll-top closure and compression wings to keep things stable. Another great feature is the built-in raincover, the function of which speaks for itself, but it also saves you money by removing the need to purchase one separately (a dilemma I’m facing right now), and by keeping the pack in optimal condition for longer.


Get the PK50 here.


The Editors’ Choice 2014 recipient from Backpacker, the TN2 tent is another item in the TraiLogic collection that has some really remarkable features.

Weighing only 4 lbs, 9oz when packed and fitting two campers comfortably, the tent also features shorter poles to allow a square packing shape for an easier fit into the PK50 or backpack of your choosing. The TN2 has a rain fly that can be removed or added without having to leave the tent; a feature that is fantastic for nights with sudden bouts of rain, and a door on either side, so you don’t have to scramble over your partner with a late night exit.

Perhaps the best feature (certainly my favorite) is the stargazing fly, which allows easy viewing of the sky from the comfort of within and came about from Kelty’s VP’s own love of watching the night sky. Also available is the TN3 which shares all of the neat features of the TN2, but has additional space for a third camper.


Get the TN2 Tent here.

Sleeping Pads

There are two options for sleeping pads in this collection. The first, Kelty PDa, is the air chamber version.

This pad has been made to be light and extremely easy to pack, but without sacrificing comfort.


Get the PDa here.

The second, Kelty PDsi, costs a little more, but is self-inflating. It has better insulation and to save on space and weight uses a bio-mummy shape.

It also features bio-mapped die cut foam to provide better warmth and comfort. Both pads come with repair kits for minor dings and one-year warranties for serious ones. The PDa weighs in at 14.5 oz and the PDsi weighs in at 23.5 oz. Like the other items in this collection, the pads come with a pad cube stuff sack.


Get the PDsi here.

Sleeping Bag

The last item on our list is the SB sleeping bag. This bag utilizes waterproof technology that Kelty initially had in a sleeping bag line for more intense outings. There are waterproof panels at the thermal comfort hood and natural fit toebox and the bag is filled with Kelty’s patented DriDown.

DriDown is regular down treated with a molecular level polymer on every individual plume. This process ensures the bag stays drier, retains more loft, and in case the bag does get wet, dries faster. There are two options available for the bag. The SB 20 weighs 2 lbs 1oz, has a comfort limit of 31oF, and a lower limit of 20oF. The SB 35 weighs 1 lb 9 oz, is a little less expensive, has a comfort limit of 41oF, and a lower limit of 32oF. The bags also come with mesh sacks and compression sacks.


Get the SB 20 here.

Altogether, these items make up Kelty’s revolutionary new TraiLogic collection. With it, backpacking becomes simpler, lighter, more comfortable, and more accessible. Kelty’s talented designers, product managers, and leadership team have gone above and beyond with this collection of gear.

If you have been debating gearing up and heading out, think no more. Kelty has one of the coolest backpacking collections I’ve seen and at a ridiculously affordable price.

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Kelty TrailLogic Might Just Change Your Backpacking Experience [VIDEO]