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KelTec Sub2000 Gen2: The Perfect Trunk Monkey

Looking for a great carbine to keep in your truck or car? The Keltec Sub2000 is the modern day answer to an old time theory.

Back in the western and frontier days, men would carry a rifle and pistol in the same caliber. Often times it was for simplicity and being able to find readily available ammunition so that they could feed both their revolvers and repeating action rifles.

The 357mag and 44magnum were popular choices, but in today’s world, those have gone more to the recreation shooting realm.

In comes the Sub2000. Featured in 9mm or 40SW, you can add a carbine that accepts other Glock magazines. Being able to feed both carbine and pistol in todays ammunition is a great addition for many CCW carriers. If you’re the kind of guy who carries a Glock 17, and was wondering if there was a way to get that 9mm out to a further distance, the Sub2000 is as good as you could expect.

Being able to fold the carbine down literally in half allows you to toss the rifle in a backpack or even in the back of your car. Following local laws and transportation ordinances, you can have ready access to a longer distance rifle that feeds the same ammunition as you carry in your pistol. This can be hugely advantageous as even today you would only have to carry one caliber.

I would hope that KelTec offers this in a 10mm or even a 45acp. I know they are bigger than the 9mm or the 40SW but the 10mm and 45acp are my two favorite cartridges. Being able to feed them from Glock magazines is such a huge plus also as I already own them and don’t have to go out and buy replacement magazines that I would only be able to use on one gun. Keep training and stay safe.



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KelTec Sub2000 Gen2: The Perfect Trunk Monkey