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Kel-Tec Is Finally Shipping the CMR-30! [VIDEO]

kel tec cmr 30

Kel-Tec’s latest offering, a .22 WMR carbine called the CMR-30, is finally hitting the shelves after over four years of anticipation!

It is a game changer.

The new gun, based on their PMR-30 pistol, holds 30 rounds flush in the grip, has a 16-inch barrel, and weighs under four pounds.

The blow-back operated carbine is revolutionary because, until this point, there has never been a high-capacity rimfire available with a flush-fit magazine, and is so lightweight.

Normal magazines for rimfires are banana-shaped to compensate for the rimmed cases.

The CMR-30 is advertised to tip the scales at 3.8 pounds. It is not much heavier than some larger handguns, yet it carries 30 rounds and a 16-inch barrel that can generate velocities of upwards of 2000 fps.

Hunters and preppers alike will appreciate the light weight, small size, high capacity, and surprising accuracy. In addition, .22 WMR cartridges are much lighter and more compact than many other rifle calibers, offering a person the ability to carry more firepower in a given weight or space.

This gun, like many other Kel-Tec offerings, is revolutionary. It remains to be seen if Kel-Tec can manufacture enough CMR-30s to meet demand, but based on their history, that may take a while.

Currently, though they are shipping, these CMRs are still hard to come by. Prices on the gun auction sites are much higher than the MSRP of $630.

But keep your eyes peeled, as this new gun is a must-have for hunting, prepping, or home defense.

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Kel-Tec Is Finally Shipping the CMR-30! [VIDEO]