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Keith Warren Hunts Fallow Deer in Alabama’s Appalachian Mountains [VIDEO]


Legendary outdoorsmen Keith Warren heads to Alabama with a friend to take down a massive fallow buck.

Keith Warren is a legend in the outdoor world. He is an avid hunter and conversationalist who has been producing television shows since 1984.

His most recent endeavour is his online show called “The High Road” where he travels the world hunting various species.

He took the “High Road” crew down to Alabama’s Duck Spring’s Plantation to guide a younger hunter on a whitetail hunt.

Things get interesting when, instead of whitetail, a small group of fallow deer move into the area they are hunting. They couldn’t resist the chance to take down the massive buck that is with them.

The young man in the video, Walt, pulled a very nice, well-placed, and well-timed shot. That fallow buck will be an amazing trophy and this trip a great memory for him that will last a lifetime.

It is really nice to see someone with so much experience and pull in the outdoor world take the time to show younger hunters the ropes.

I believe that is the true purpose of being an outdoorsman. It’s not shooting the biggest buck with the biggest gun you can find, but passing down what you have learned to others so that the traditions can continue.

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Keith Warren Hunts Fallow Deer in Alabama’s Appalachian Mountains [VIDEO]