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Why You Should Keep Rat Traps in Your BOB to Catch Small Game

rat traps

Rat traps are extremely effective at catching squirrels to eat in a grid down scenario or wilderness survival situation. 

When most people see a rat traps they mostly think of baiting it with cheese to catch pesky critters around their trash cans or outbuildings. Rat traps can actually be a very effective tool to have for acquiring a few types of small game in a survival situation.

In the video below the guys from The Backwoodsman’s Institute demonstrate how they slightly modify and set rat traps to keep in their Bug Out Bags to catch squirrels.

I really never thought about how effective a rat trap could be for acquiring food. They are cheap and compact enough that you could pack quite a few of them without adding much weight or taking up to much space in your bag.

Using rat traps would really take the need away from setting up some more time and resource consuming traps like the Paiute Deadfall or even snares.

In a grid down scenario they would also be something that a lot of people would overlook and could easily be found left on just about any store shelf.

After checking this out I am definitely going to have to add a few to my hiking and BOB. I highly recommend you do the same.


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Why You Should Keep Rat Traps in Your BOB to Catch Small Game